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White Fillings

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U Smile Dental Centers, serving Plantation residents, offers the option of white fillings, enhancing your smile with a natural look. We provide white composite fillings made from a blend of glass and plastic, closely resembling a natural tooth in both appearance and texture. These fillings have the capacity to change a tooth’s color or reshape it as needed.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings provide a solution for troublesome cavities, averting the need for extractions. They are highly attractive due to their lifelike appearance. They come in various shades that can be precisely matched to the color of a patient’s existing teeth, instilling confidence in their smile.

White fillings contribute to improved oral health by addressing cavities before they deteriorate due to neglect. They also enhance the structure, strength, and aesthetics of your teeth through a straightforward procedure.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • Seamlessly bond with the natural tooth structure.
  • Exhibit a natural appearance, seamlessly blending with the patient’s front teeth.
  • Do not expand and contract like metal fillings.
  • Minimize the need for extensive drilling and are effective for small restorations.
  • Provide support to the tooth and prevent leakage.

The Composite Fillings Procedure To start, the dentist carefully removes decay from the tooth’s cavity, preventing further damage and creating a suitable space for the filling. A bonding agent is applied to the tooth, followed by the placement and sculpting of the composite onto the targeted tooth’s structure.

A brief exposure to light (duration depends on the patient’s specific dental needs) is utilized to harden the material, completing the filling process and leaving the tooth looking rejuvenated and aesthetically pleasing. White fillings are a valuable choice, particularly for individuals dealing with acidic erosion and visible enamel damage.

For Plantation patients, white fillings are easily accessible. The composite fillings procedure is straightforward, safe, and conducted by our team of skilled dental professionals. Patients are encouraged to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and caring for their teeth post-treatment to ensure the longevity of their fillings.

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U Smile Dental Centers has been providing exceptional dental services to satisfied patients for 17 years. Nowhere else will you find dental treatment that combines excellence, safety, and professionalism while also embracing holistic and biologic dentistry principles. We are prepared to discuss composite resin veneers and composite fillings with you.

We offer the finest Plantation white fillings on the market. Contact us today at (954) 915-8080 to schedule your appointment or consultation with our team!

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