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Dental Implants

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If you’ve experienced tooth loss due to factors like gum disease, injury, or root canal failure, dental implants can serve as artificial tooth roots, offering both functional restoration and preventing jawbone loss. Plantation dental implants are a reliable solution for tooth replacement.

Understanding Dental Implants:

Dental implants are composed of titanium posts that replace the natural tooth’s root. A connector is placed or built on top of the implant to facilitate attachment to the replacement tooth. The final step involves fitting a custom crown that matches the appearance of your natural teeth.

Preparation Before Dental Implant Treatment:

Prior to undergoing dental implant treatment, it’s crucial to address any underlying oral health issues. Dental implant treatment typically begins after a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and oral cavity by the dentist. Professional teeth cleaning before any dental procedure can enhance the success rate and reduce the risk of complications.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Dental implants offer a highly effective and popular method for replacing missing teeth. They provide several advantages that other tooth replacement options, such as dentures and bridges, cannot match. Dental implants are available in various sizes and shapes.

Natural Appearance:

Dentists can create dental implants that closely match the color of your adjacent natural teeth, resulting in an extremely natural look. In fact, most people cannot discern the difference between an original tooth and a dental implant.

Prevents Jawbone Loss: Tooth loss can lead to bone and tissue loss in the jaw, which requires constant stimulation from teeth to remain healthy. Dental implants mimic real teeth and halt the process of jawbone loss.

Improved Facial Appearance: Teeth play a crucial role in supporting the facial structure. Missing teeth can alter the facial shape, making a person appear older. Dental implants offer the same support as natural teeth, maintaining the overall facial structure.

Easy Oral Hygiene: Dental implants require straightforward care with minimal maintenance. Regular brushing and flossing twice daily, along with routine dental checkups, are typically sufficient to maintain excellent oral health. Most individuals do not need to purchase special products, cups, or flossers for oral hygiene. The 4-step Dental Implant Process: Initial Consultation: The dentist conducts a comprehensive examination, including digital scans and impressions, to determine the most suitable dental implant procedure.

Tooth Removal: If necessary, existing teeth and remnants of lost teeth are removed before the implant placement procedure.

Dental Implant Placement: The dentist inserts the implant and attaches a temporary crown. This procedure typically takes about an hour, and over-the-counter pain relievers can manage post-procedure discomfort.

Final Procedure: After a healing period of three to four months, the dentist takes impressions to create permanent crowns for each dental implant. Care instructions for the new dental implants are provided.

Plantation Dental Implants: At U Smile Dental Centers, our skilled and trained professionals are experienced in successfully placing dental implants. Our dedicated team provides dental treatments with care and compassion. We invite you to experience the difference.

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