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Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral cancer screenings serve a vital role, despite the common underestimation of oral cancer. This condition affects thousands of individuals each year. The encouraging news is that oral cancer screenings act as the first line of defense against this ailment. Moreover, these screenings facilitate early detection, enabling prompt treatment before the cancer can spread or worsen.

Allow U Smile Dental Centers to protect your oral health with our comprehensive oral cancer screenings. Our team offers oral cancer screenings in Plantation. Contact us today at (954) 915-8080 to schedule your appointment!

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Essential?

Annually, around 54,000 adults in the United States receive a diagnosis of oral cancer. The timing of this diagnosis and the subsequent treatment significantly impacts a patient’s chances of survival. Often, individuals delay seeking screenings until their oral and throat cancer has advanced. However, by opting for regular oral health screenings, you can obtain an earlier diagnosis and treatment, greatly increasing your chances of survival and recovery.

Contributing Factors to Oral Cancer

Numerous factors elevate the risk of developing oral cancer. Here are some factors that may lead to the growth of abnormal tissue, potentially evolving into mouth and throat cancer:

  • Chewing tobacco
  • Other forms of tobacco use (such as vaping, cigarettes, cigars)
  • Excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking
  • A compromised immune system

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

During your oral cancer screening in Plantation, our dental professionals will carefully examine your mouth for any signs of abnormal tissue and discuss your specific lifestyle to identify behaviors that may elevate your risk. If our team detects any concerning signs, we will proceed with an oral biopsy. Subsequently, we will discuss your results and develop the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for your situation.

Obtain the peace of mind you deserve by contacting the trusted team at U Smile Dental Centers in Plantation for an oral cancer screening today at (954) 915-8080.

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