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Modern advancements in technology have brought a revolution to the field of dentistry, allowing today’s dentists to create stunning smiles with minimal patient discomfort. Here at U Smile Dental Centers, we harness cutting-edge technologies to enhance our dental treatments and provide the best possible experience for our patients. This page offers an introduction to some of the technologies we utilize in our Plantation family dentistry services.

Digital X-Rays with Reduced Radiation:

X-rays play a critical role in enabling medical professionals to diagnose and identify issues beneath the surface. In dentistry, this technology allows us to inspect the interior of your teeth for signs of infection or damage. Unlike older X-ray machines that emitted higher radiation levels, the digital X-ray devices we use at U Smile Dental Centers emit significantly less radiation.

Intra-Oral Cameras:

Advancements in camera technology have led to the development of compact and practical intra-oral cameras. These tiny high-definition cameras can be inserted into a patient’s mouth, providing dentists with an alternative perspective to identify infections or injuries. While they may not always replace the effectiveness of X-rays or other imaging techniques, intra-oral cameras are valuable tools for most modern dentists.

iTero Scanner:

Utilizing computer software, medical professionals can now model injuries and treatment plans with greater complexity than ever before. The iTero scanner is a prime example of this technology. It allows us to generate three-dimensional models of patients’ teeth, enabling dentists to visualize repair strategies and formulate comprehensive treatment plans.

CT Scanner:

For cases requiring more detailed images than X-rays can provide, our team relies on our state-of-the-art CT scanner. This device utilizes cone beam imaging to create precise three-dimensional images of the patient’s oral cavity, facilitating a more comprehensive examination. If diagnosis challenges persist following X-rays, our team can offer further insights.

Soft Tissue Lasers:

Laser technology has become a valuable tool for dentists in treating and repairing oral injuries and infections. These lasers generate high levels of heat, cauterizing the tissue they contact as the procedure progresses. They also offer precision, which can expedite the procedure and accelerate post-treatment recovery.

Topical Anesthetic:

At U Smile Dental Centers, we prioritize the comfort of our Plantation family dentistry patients throughout every treatment. We understand that some patients experience anxiety when receiving a dental injection, even if it numbs the area for pain relief. To address this concern, we offer topical anesthetic options to numb the injection site in your mouth, enhancing your comfort during the procedure.

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Finding a dental office that you can trust and where you feel comfortable is vital for a positive dental experience. By delivering prompt, friendly service coupled with state-of-the-art technology, we aim to make every patient’s visit to U Smile Dental Centers an enjoyable one.

Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you in exploring our treatment options if you’re interested in Plantation family dentistry. Choosing U Smile Dental Centers means partnering with experienced dental professionals throughout your appointment.

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