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Teeth Whitening

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To begin your journey toward a brighter smile, reach out to U Smile Dental Centers at (954) 915-8080 to schedule your teeth-whitening appointment.

The remarkable effects of teeth whitening can do wonders for your self-esteem. Say goodbye to yellow stains and reveal a radiant smile that you can proudly display wherever you go. Moreover, teeth whitening is a simple, safe, and highly effective procedure.

Plantation teeth whitening from U Smile Dental Centers is your path to a dazzling smile. You can visit our office located at 2064 NE Pine Island Rd, Plantation, FL, or contact us at (954) 915-8080 to schedule your appointment.

Understanding the Causes of Teeth Discoloration:

Teeth often lose their pristine white appearance and gradually take on a yellowish hue as we age. Several factors can contribute to this discoloration, including:

Consumption of teeth-staining foods and beverages like red wine, coffee, soda, and soy sauce. Use of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Inadequate oral hygiene practices.

To maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth for an extended period, it’s advisable to reduce your consumption of teeth-staining substances and practice good oral hygiene. This holds true whether you choose to undergo teeth whitening treatment or not.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure:

While options like whitening toothpaste, strips, and trays are available over the counter, professional teeth whitening treatments deliver the most effective results. Over-the-counter methods are generally less potent than professional treatments and lack the personalization that comes with a professional approach.

During a Plantation teeth whitening session at U Smile Dental Centers, our skilled dentist employs a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This gel penetrates your tooth enamel and effectively breaks down stains, safely restoring the appealing white shade to your teeth. Dr. Viera takes measures to protect your lips and gums during the procedure, ensuring that the hydrogen peroxide gel exclusively targets the teeth.

Additionally, we offer custom-made trays and hydrogen peroxide gel for at-home teeth whitening treatment. This option can serve as an alternative to in-office treatment or be used for maintenance to retain your white teeth. The process involves placing the gel in the customized tray, which perfectly conforms to your teeth, and wearing it for a few hours each night, as recommended by your dentist.

Possible Side Effects of Teeth Whitening:

While adverse side effects from professional teeth whitening treatments are uncommon, some patients may experience minor issues such as:

Tooth sensitivity. Irritation of the throat, stomach, or soft tissues. Temporary inflammation of the teeth. Recurrence of discoloration.

If you encounter any side effects or have concerns about your whitening treatment, do not hesitate to promptly inform our caring staff for guidance and appropriate care.

Experience the Transformation with Professional Teeth Whitening from U Smile Dental Centers: Plantation teeth whitening from U Smile Dental Centers is your gateway to whiter teeth and a more radiant smile. Our treatments are both safe and effective, leaving you with a radiant grin that boosts your confidence.

Should you have any questions regarding our teeth whitening treatment, our friendly staff is readily available to assist you. Contact U Smile Dental Centers at (954) 915-8080 to schedule your professional teeth whitening appointment today.

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